Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Parramatta. Agreement on $2.1b rail link

The federal and state governments are expected to sign an agreement soon for the funding of the controversial $2.1 billion Epping to Parramatta rail link. The Liberals have stated their aim to renegotiate the agreement, should they win the March state election, to fund the north-west and south-west rail links. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that’s not on. Pre-construction work is scheduled to begin some time this year


Region. UWS reviewing study periods

The University of Western Sydney is among those reviewing how shorter, intensive study periods it already offers, such as, summer and winter schools could be more effectively used, according to The Australian Financial Review. A survey of 39 universities by the paper showed that a number were considering introducing trimesters allowing the academic year to be extended over the summer period to graduate students more quickly to meet the federal government’s targets for a larger degree-qualified workforce.