Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Parramatta. Question over LOOP service

Parramatta City Council will review the operation of its free LOOP bus service around the CBD at the end of the current contract with the view to continuing it only if substantial sponsorship or NSW government support can be obtained through grants of an infrastructure rate change. Council notes in its June quarterly review that while the LOOP continues to meet expectations, the service could not secure much needed advertising and sponsorship support, leaving an unfavourable variance of $88,000 for the quarter.


Parramatta. 'Challenging financial position'

A Parramatta City Council Services Review notes that the organisation enter the second decade of the 2000s in “a challenging financial position and with a business model that is not sustainable”. There are three major concerns: a substantial operation deficit, estimated to be $8.5 million in 2010/2011; excessive capital expenditure is depleting reserves; and capital expenditure is focused on new assets rather that maintaining existing assets. The review of all 41 core services recommend a significant number of business improvements which, if implemented, would help create a sustainable business model.

Parramatta. Focus on commercial investment

A major project in Parramatta City Council’s economic development activities in the 2009/10 financial year was the completion of the $521,335 website. This is now being managed and updated by the marketing and communications team, with the economic development team to refocus more closely on commercial investment attraction and monitoring the growth of the city. Council will also consider the reinstatement of an economic development board in 2010/11.