Saturday, 24 May 2008

UWS reinvigorates its Nirimba campus

The University of Western Sydney plans to reinvigorate the academic profile of its Nirimba campus, in Blacktown, by locating the first year of degrees in business, information technology, engineering and possibly science to at least 400 students, in 2009. Students who successfully complete their diplomas at Nirimba would be eligible to enter the second year of the corresponding UWS undergraduate degree. The move is part of an expansion of the UWS College's pathway programs. This development follows last year's announcement that UWS would transfer its undergraduate program in business studies from Nirimba due to falling student demand.


Westbus is on a ride

The Parramatta-based Westbus bus transport company which services Western Sydney has reported a 26 per cent quarterly increase in turnover from last year, and a 45 per cent increase in earnings before interest and tax. Credit Suisse said that with government transport unable to meet exploding demand in the region, the business would continue to generate double-digit earnings growth.


Interest surges in UWS post-grade courses

The University of Western Sydney experienced a surge post-graduate business courses when 465 interested people turned up to an information evening, at the Parramatta campus, when the usual figure is between 30-40 people. Robyn McGuiggan dean, of the College of Business, said it was “absolutely amazing … and that Western Sydney being a logistics corridor probably explains some of the interest”. She said the courses were industry focussed and market drive. “We do have a lot of contact with local industries, so there would be some industry referrals and recommendations too,” she said.