Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Parramatta. New title for new GM

Parramatta City Council has resolved to rename the position of general manager to that of chief executive officer, within weeks of appointing Dr Robert Lang to head council’s administration. “I believe the appointment of Rob Lang as our senior leader presents an opportunity to present a more professional image of Parramatta City Council to ourselves and the community,” said Lord Mayor, Paul Barber. “I believe,” he said, “we need to start sending a strong message to business and the community that we are a modern professional organisation.” Dr Lang was formerly CEO, of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.


Parramatta. Affordable housing project

The Parramatta-based UWS Urban Research Centre (URC) and Parramatta City Council are partners identifying a model for affordable and sustainable community-0riented housing in the local government area. “Lord Mayor, Paul Barber, has acknowledged housing stress in the area and noted that this knock-on effect of ‘community stress’ where householders faced with financial stress participate less in their communities,” said URC director, Professor Phillip O’Neill. A parcel of land in Granville is being used as a case study.