Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Parramatta. New pay rates for councillors

The Local Government Remuneration Tribunal has set the following annual fees to be paid to councillors from July 1. For councillors the fees range from $14,080-$23,250 and for the lord mayor from $29,940-$67,750. The fee for the lord mayor is in addition to the councillor fee. Should the 15 councillors agree to pay themselves the maximum permitted, the total fees payable is $416,500.


Parramatta. Marketing the city

Parramatta City Council has advertised for a marketing the city project officer, to join its economic development team, on a temporary 12-month contract, with a salary range of $66,952 to $82,110. The aim is to promote Parramatta as a business and investment opportunity. Council is also seeking a business sustainability project officer to help businesses become more sustainable with their water, energy and waste. This is also a temporary position for two years, with a $59,373-$89,671 salary range.