Thursday, 19 April 2012

Badgerys Creek. Head in the sand

An Australian Financial Review editorial said that instead of acting decisively to build a key piece of economic infrastructure ( a second Sydney airport), the federal government has offered only lukewarm support and the NSW government has buried its head in the sand. The political class has become shamefully incapable of making hard decisions in the national interest.


Badgerys Creek. Premier caught out

Premier Barry O’Farrell has been caught out on a key detail of the second Sydney airport debate, falsely claiming that 1.6 million residents would be affected by aircraft noise if a new facility were built at Badgerys Creek. A joint federal and state study of airport options estimated that 52,400 people would be affected, The Australian Financial Review reported


Parramatta. Common sense required

The implications of the World Heritage listing of Old Government House (OGH), in Parramatta Park, are putting at risk the growth and development of the Parramatta CBD. Should the federal Minister for the Environment, Tony Burke, decide that high-rise towers, such as the proposed Merion Apartments’ $135 million redevelopment of the former David Jones site, impinge on the sight lines from OGH, the future of the Parramatta CBD as a thriving economic hub is in jeopardy. Common sense must prevail.