Sunday, 8 February 2009

Parramatta. Wider spread of CBD parking fees

Paul Garrard, an independent councillor on Parramatta City Council, believes income from CBD parking metres should benefit local neighbourhood centres as well as the CBD. Cr Garrard said while council spent $4 million introducing parking metres and that “the tax can not be easily reversed”, the number should not be increased to fund improvements to “the run-down condition” of the centres. “A review of the existing parking fees and charges needs to occur so that perhaps, a more practical outcome of users within the CBD can be discussed”, he said on the website of the Woodville Independents, a political party he formed in 2007.


Parramatta. Eels 'open' to privatisation

Denis Fitzgerald, Parramatta Eels’CEO, said privatisation of the club was an option at a time when some clubs may not survive the global economic crisis. “Sure, we are open to that possibility, or part thereof,” he said in the Sun Herald, while saying there were no current expressions of interest of buying into the club. Mr Fitzgerald said the best way for players to secure their future would be to take a pay cut. “There’s just not enough money to keep things going the way they are.” The paper reported the Eels were down 20 per cent on sponsorship compared to this time last year.


Fairfield. Council saves 62 per cent of water usage

Fairfield City Council has implemented a range of water conservation measures cutting 62 per cent of water usage in it’s administration building Council was recognised with the ‘Highest Percentage KPI reduction’ award at the Sydney Water’s Every Drop Counts awards, which acknowledge businesses and individuals who are industry leaders in water efficiency. As well as in its administration, building, council has installed a range of harvesting and reuse features at Cabravale Leisure Centre, Bonnyrigg Community Centre and the Nalawala Community Hall. The features include the installation of rainwater tanks and the replacement of fixtures and fittings in the buildings.