Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Council focus on small business

Parramatta Lord Mayor, John Chedid,  has established two initiatives within the city’s small business sector to seek the knowledge and experience of small business operators on planning issues for the city, and to acknowledge their contribution though a small business award.
“I have talked to investors about the future of our planning for the city … I would like to sit down and discuss what local business and innovators need to prosper and grow in our city,” he said
“I want to work directly with the small, innovative firms which will grow and employ people in the city, in the future.
“I want to hear from local business about why they came to Parramatta and what will keep them here … what are their ideas for the city and how can we make them happen.
“I want to focus on young innovators, people with inspiring stories, and local businesses ready to take up the opportunities of new technology.”
He said to achieve this, he would arrange a series of forums with local businesses.
“Also, I want to recognise and reward businesses with an annual Lord Mayor’s [Small] Business Excellence Awards, to be held in July,” he said
Clr Chedid introduced these initiatives following the disbandment of the Parramatta Partnership Forum (PPF), an advisory body to council, consisting of 16 “big end” members, mainly from the Sydney CBD.
He said the advice from the PPF over a three-year period had been “very positive and necessary” and while he would engage with its members in the future “ it is now time to involve and work with our local businesses.”
Clr Chedid said council would develop a local business partnership forum to work with businesses in the city to discuss ideas and how the partnership could work  together to make them happen.

Decision to favour the Eels

Parramatta City Council has approved a development application which it hopes will enable the Eels to compete better with other NRL clubs.
The application by Venues NSW sought the training field, south of Parramatta Stadium, be extended by 10 metres southward plus associated work, which included tree removal and the erection of lighting pylons and fencing
“The current proposal stems from a need to incorporate an in-goal area for the training field,” said a document prepared by Perica & Associates Urban Planning Pty Ltd
“Currently the field is not a full size and contains no in-goal and no goal posts.
“The field is also very uneven. This places the Eels at a competitive disadvantage with other NRL Clubs in terms of training for matches.
The document noted that part of the existing field encroached into Parramatta Park.
“The Parramatta Park Trust has indicated it is agreeable to this minor “encroachment” because in practical terms the landscaped lot boundaries are flexible rather than structured boundary markers,” the document said.
The application, which was approved in January, said the estimated cost of the works was $1,634,829
Historical note: Parramatta Stadium and the surrounding precinct had been the location of a number of active recreational pursuits, including horse racing, football fields, motorcar racing and cricket matches.