Monday, 5 April 2010

Region. Westpac and Western Sydney

The financial industry, is highly competitive, with Westpac, for instance, endeavouring to get one up on its competitors at the regional level with the slogan, We love Western Sydney, seen on a company vehicle in the Parramatta CBD.


Region. Women's manufacturing cluster

A Women in Manufacturing (WIM) Cluster is being developed in Western Sydney to formulate a study on the development needs of women in the manufacturing industry. It has been established to ensure that women in a manufacturing role can connect, learn and network with like-minded professionals. The cluster is built on the successful Women in Manufacturing Network that has operated for several years through Industry & Investment NSW (formerly the Department of State & Regional Development). The objectives of the cluster are: to increase the number of women in manufacturing through promotion in larger organisations and increased employment in small organisations, and to identify common business and professional needs of women in the manufacturing industry to provide opportunities to work, learn and grow together. For further information email