Sunday, 7 March 2010

Region. RDA seeks project manager

The Parramatta-based RDA Sydney, Sydney’s Regional Development Australia Committee, is advertising for a project development manager, with a negotiable base salary of $65,000. RDA is a partnership initiative between the Australian, state, territory and local governments to support the growth and development of Australia’s regions, and is delivered through a national network of 55 committees, 14 of which are in NSW. RDA Sydney was formed through the amalgamation of the Greater Western Sydney Regional Development Board (GWSEDB) and the GROW Sydney Area Consultative Committee, both of which were based in Parramatta. A strategic plan is expected to be released shortly. Members of the RDA Sydney Committee are: Alan Pendleton Chair, Roy Medich Deputy Chair, Carole Maher, Lesley McMahon, Dr Mano Nugapitiya, Frank Oliveri, Professor Phillip O’Neill, Fr Chris Riley, Aaron Rule, Josefa Sobzski, Marcus Testoni and Mary Waterford. Bob Germaine, former GWSEDB general manager, has been appointed GM, of RDA Sydney.


Parramatta. $49,000 for tourism campaign

Parramatta MP, Tanya Gadiel, has announced $49,000 in State Government funding for a new tourism campaign for Parramatta to attract more visitors to the area. Ms Gadiel said the funds had been awarded to Parramatta City Council under the NSW Government’s $2.7 million Greater Sydney Tourism Partnership Funding Program. “This is great news for Parramatta. By promoting the local area we are not only attracting more visitors, we’re supporting local jobs. The campaign will target interstate and overseas tourists as well as business travellers from Victoria and Queensland,” Ms Gadiel said.